Where to Find Us - So Far in 2016

Here are the fine establishments where you can find Paper Planes so far this year in California.
*denotes where you can find us by the glass!


Bistro Don Giovanni (Napa, CA)
The Black Cat* (Los Angeles, CA)
Bouchon Bistro* (Yountville, CA)
Cadet Beer and Wine Bar (Napa, CA)
Ninebark (Napa, CA)

Wine Shops/Tasting Rooms: 

Acme Fine Wines (St. Helena, CA)
Bar and Garden (Culver City, CA)
K. Laz Collection* (Yountville, CA)
St. Helena Wine Center (St. Helena, CA)
Silverlake Wine (Los Angeles, CA) 
V Wine Cellar* (Yountville, CA)

- Laura + Kyle


A Look Back on 2015

As I sit and write this at Oxbow in downtown Napa, I am overwhelmed by the year we've had and the support we've received from family, friends and strangers. Nothing would have been possible without so much help along the way. One year ago, we were punching out thousands of tiny triangles in every label for our first vintage, and the day after Christmas we (along with 12 hardworking friends) hand applied the labels to all 2,160 bottles. From the first bottle we sold in February (I think I was shaking from excitement) to the last in May (still shaking), I've been humbled by the amazing people we've been able to work with. We've formed relationships with every person we've sold to, and it has made Paper Planes more than just a wine, but a living thing that feels like it's really doing what we set out for it to do - encourage spirited relationships and create memories that inspire. 

We learned a lot last year, and today, all 362 cases of our second vintage of Paper Planes are bottled, labeled (no punching out triangles or hand labeling required!) and ready to make their debut to the world. I'm inspired by the people we've met along the way. I miss our dear friends in Los Angeles but am so lucky to have the family and friends we have in Napa, and I am proud to be a part of the Napa Community of winemakers and business owners. As I look back on the year full of change that we've had, I want to thank everyone who has touched Paper Planes and our lives. We can't wait to see what 2016 has in store. 


After bouncing back and forth between Northern and Southern California, Kyle and I made the decision earlier this year to dive into the wine industry head first and move back up to Napa. It's been an amazing summer getting reacquainted with our buzzing little town, and we are now officially in full harvest mode with our eyes on the prize! 

While we live in Napa, Paper Planes comes from just over the hill in the Russian River Valley, where our grapes and facility are based. This harvest has been a fast and furious one, triggered by a crazy heat wave earlier this month that pushed all our grapes into perfect picking conditions practically at the same time. While that made for a hectic couple of weeks, this year is already looking to be another great one, with beautiful color and flavor concentrated into lower crop yields. Paper Planes 2015 vintage will be available early next year!

Can't wait? Neither can we! Sign up for our mailing list [here] to be the first to hear about our pre-order going live in September.

A Winter Dinner Party

Winter in LA is pretty much just like every other season, which we love because the picnic table in our backyard is the only place we fit when we have friends over!  A few weeks ago we took advantage of another lovely 70 degree winter day and had an early evening dinner party to celebrate Paper Planes officially being in bottle!

Photos by our talented friend Peter Hughes

Oysters with Fresh Lemon

(by the way, shucking oysters is much easier than it looks! We learned from the best at Hog Island Oyster Co. and you can too - HERE

Whole Roasted Chicken

(Thomas Kellar's Simple Roast Chicken Recipe is super easy and has a very prettyful presentation) 

Farmers Market Greens With Radishes + Walnut Vinaigrette 

(and prosciutto wrapped dates in the corner) 

French Bread

(no Boomer this is not for you) 

Paper Planes Wine

(The Secret Ingredient) 

Almost There: Blending, Bottling, and the Boring Stuff

Many of you have been asking lately about when you can get your hands on some Paper Planes.

Soon - the answer is soon!!

At the end of November we selected our final blend and decided to go entirely with our lots fermented in neutral oak - and it tastes even better than we ever imagined! At the beginning of this project, both Kyle and I wanted to ferment the wine stainless steel to get that wet stone, flinty character that we're both such fans of. Just for fun, We ended up fermenting half in stainless steel and half in neutral oak ("neutral" oak doesn't have any of that oaky flavor - it just acts as a really lovely porous vessel that creates more complexity). In the end, we decided to only use the 8 barrels in neutral oak. Our final product is a wine that is crisp with fresh floral notes and a complex, long finish.

People have asked us what style we are making the wine in (Provence vs. Burgandy) and I always tell them, "neither!" While Paper Planes is dry and has that salmon/peachy color that we've come to love in Provence style rosés, we want to celebrate California rosé and help begin to establish what puts California rosé on it's own level.  We did things a little differently than most - and we're excited about that. 


After we blended, we cold and heat stabilized the wine to get it ready for bottling. Although we're bottling with a machine, the type of labels we decided on (super pretty die cut/foil stamped) can't be applied by machine, so we've recruited a group of our closest friends and family to help us hand label the day after Christmas. Because nothing says it's the holidays like sitting in a cold warehouse hand applying sticky paper to 2,200 bottles! 

Lastly, while the final piece of the puzzle might be the most boring piece, it is the most essential: the license. As soon as we have our final government approval (and we hope it is just days away) our online shop will be live and Paper Planes will be available to all. In the mean time, be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when we're officially up and running. 

Rosé Sounds of Fall

Fall in Los Angeles is kind of a joke, but waking up this morning seeing dew on the grass and pumpkins on our front steps made me feel (just for a second) like fall is finally here! Some people might think rosé drinking should be reserved for summers at the pool, but I think there's nothing better than having some friends over in October, snacking on pumpkin seeds and drinking rosé! You'll need music for this, of course, so check out our fall playlist made up of some of our favorite new releases. 

Paper Planes Wine Crowdfunding is Complete!

The Paper Planes Wine crowdfunding campaign has ended and we are successfully funded! We raised $12,741 (159% of our goal!!). Thank you so much to everyone who made this happen. 

The rosé is currently hanging out in 2/3 neutral oak barrels and 1/3 stainless steel tanks. It's already tasting deliciously with a floral nose, bright and crisp on the palate with a long finish. It's so good that someone (who shall not be named) drank the rest of our samples that we accidentally left in the fridge! 

While the campaign is over, Paper Planes is just beginning. We've set our bottling date for December 18th and wine will be available for pre-order starting in January 2015. We can't wait to share it with all of you! 

Paper Planes Gets Press'd!

Paper Planes is featured in Grape Collective's article "From Grassroots to Grapes: Crowdfunding Wine." We are thrilled to be the first winery in the Russian River Valley to make exclusively rosé, and we couldn't do it without your help. Paper Planes is all about bringing people together for lighthearted fun, and it all starts with crowdfunding! 

What's In A Name? The Story of Paper Planes

When Kyle and I first started talking about making rosé back in 2011, there were a lot of things that we knew from the start. It had to be a rosé of pinot noir. It had to be from Russian River Valley. It couldn't be too feminine, sweet, or fruity. It should be nostalgic and whimsical but not cheeky. It had to be light, fun, fresh, and something that you could bring to a picnic in the park or a cocktail party on New Years Eve. We wanted it to be not just a bottle of wine but a reason to call your friends and get together. 

Almost three years later, when we decided to get serious about rosé, all those things stayed true. Our only problem was how to capture those feelings in a word or two. We met with brand consultants and made lists hundreds of words long trying to come up with the perfect name. We found a few that we liked, but nothing that clicked.

The day before our "eureka" moment, we were waiting to board a flight up to San Francisco. I started folding my boarding pass into a paper plane to pass the time. We joked about how I wasn't very good at making them, but how fun they were and their inherent nostalgia. Still, nothing clicked. The next day, while walking to dinner in San Francisco, Kyle shouted out suddenly "Paper Planes!" 

At that moment, we knew we found it. Fun, light, whimsical, nostalgic, simple and playful, it hit all the notes we'd been searching for. Coincidentally, 6 years ago, when we first met, "Paper Planes" by M.I.A. was one of the first songs we danced to. So I guess it was meant to be, it just took us a few years to figure it out.

Paper Planes Rosé 

Rosé Isn't An Afterthought - It's Our Only Thought. 

The Road to Rosé Pt. I

It is on! The LLC has been formed and the name is being trademarked. While the grapes are growing, Kyle and I are working on just about everything else. From the label, glass, corks, website, crowdfunding campaign, and all the boring legal stuff, our nights and weekends are consumed by rosé. 

April 28th, 2014

We spent today checking out the facility in Sebastopol where we're going to be making our first batch of Paper Planes.  Right in the hear of the Russian River Valley, we feel so lucky to get to make Paper Planes in a community where so many other world class winemakers and craftsmen make not just wine but beer, cider, cheese; everything you could want, really. 

After the winery, we checked out the vineyards where the little baby grapes are growing. We're sourcing our fruit from growers we've known for years, so we know that care and attention to detail is a priority every step of the way. The vineyards we're sourcing from each have different characteristics that will make our rosé unique, but our favorite vineyard sits along a rolling hillside and not only has a great view of the valley floor but has perfect sun position. 

As the grapes continue to grow we'll be here working on everything else from compliance to accounting and storage facilities. Check back here often for updates on the wine as well as recipes, spotify playlists, and more fun stuff.