A Winter Dinner Party

Winter in LA is pretty much just like every other season, which we love because the picnic table in our backyard is the only place we fit when we have friends over!  A few weeks ago we took advantage of another lovely 70 degree winter day and had an early evening dinner party to celebrate Paper Planes officially being in bottle!

Photos by our talented friend Peter Hughes

Oysters with Fresh Lemon

(by the way, shucking oysters is much easier than it looks! We learned from the best at Hog Island Oyster Co. and you can too - HERE

Whole Roasted Chicken

(Thomas Kellar's Simple Roast Chicken Recipe is super easy and has a very prettyful presentation) 

Farmers Market Greens With Radishes + Walnut Vinaigrette 

(and prosciutto wrapped dates in the corner) 

French Bread

(no Boomer this is not for you) 

Paper Planes Wine

(The Secret Ingredient)