The Road to Rosé Pt. I

It is on! The LLC has been formed and the name is being trademarked. While the grapes are growing, Kyle and I are working on just about everything else. From the label, glass, corks, website, crowdfunding campaign, and all the boring legal stuff, our nights and weekends are consumed by rosé. 

April 28th, 2014

We spent today checking out the facility in Sebastopol where we're going to be making our first batch of Paper Planes.  Right in the hear of the Russian River Valley, we feel so lucky to get to make Paper Planes in a community where so many other world class winemakers and craftsmen make not just wine but beer, cider, cheese; everything you could want, really. 

After the winery, we checked out the vineyards where the little baby grapes are growing. We're sourcing our fruit from growers we've known for years, so we know that care and attention to detail is a priority every step of the way. The vineyards we're sourcing from each have different characteristics that will make our rosé unique, but our favorite vineyard sits along a rolling hillside and not only has a great view of the valley floor but has perfect sun position. 

As the grapes continue to grow we'll be here working on everything else from compliance to accounting and storage facilities. Check back here often for updates on the wine as well as recipes, spotify playlists, and more fun stuff.